Srabon Khan | Photographer & Founder at
MH Srabon Khan
Dr. Faria Nasrin | Co-Founder at
Faria Nasrin

Nirz Photography

Nirz Photography team consists of both Dr. Faria Nasrin and MH Srabon Khan. While MH Srabon Khan is the founder and main photographer of the team, Dr. Faria Nasrin is a certified general physician who is currently working with 2 telemedicine hotlines (Shastho Batayon and IEDRC) and is also the co-founder , where they hold the most successful clients portfolio on newborn and infant photography in Bangladesh. Faria Nasrin specializes in baby handling making the photography sessions more safe and enjoyable for her little clients! Other than photography as a certified doctor, she also loves to provide general advice to new parents regarding many topics such as baby handling. Promoting to capture the best pictures with the least effort is NirZ photography main goal and with Nasrin’s specialties and Srabon Khan’s depicted photography skills and expertise, these envisioned goals have always been met for the past 6 years making them work with the highest number of clients.